Post: Mustard & cress head competition


We have teamed up with Sudocrem for a competition with prizes!

Gardening4Kids is asking you to do a simple gardening activity with your children which will include some arts and crafts and language skills as well as teaching them how to grow something to eat reusing household materials or things which you can buy on your essential shopping trip. If you have attended Gardening4Kids classes you will know how to make a mustard or cress head. If not here’s how you go about it.

This is what you will need:-

  • A pair of tights/stockings (ask mum first!);
  • Scissors;
  • Mustard or Cress seed;
  • Compost/garden soil;
  • Small coloured elastic bands;
  • Self adhesive eyes or eyes and glue;
  • A small container or saucer;
  • Permanent marker;
  • Water.

What to do:-

  1. Cut off the foot section of an old pair of tights or stockings approximately 30cm/12 inches long. Hold the ‘toe’ open and put in about a dessert spoon of mustard and cress seed. Add some potting compost to form the bulk of the head.
  2. Press the compost down.  Knot the top of the stocking. Trim away any excess with scissors.
  3. Form the nose by drawing out a lump of compost.  Keep this in place with an elastic band.  Repeat for the ears.
  4. Stick the self adhesive eyes to the face. Add a mouth with the permanent marker.
  5. After soaking in water in a container stand on a dish on a window sill.  In a few days you will start to see the seeds germinate.
  6. Once a decent head of hair has grown, trim it with scissors to form a flat top.
  7. Water the hair as a needed with a small watering can.  On warm days, pour extra water into the saucer to acts as a reservoir.

When your cress or mustard head has ‘hair’, give it name and post or PM your picture to our Facebook page with #MyMustardCressHead or email it to Joanne at by Sunday 28th June 2020. UK entries only please.

The prize for the winning Cress Head will be a Growing Kit worth around £30 from Sudocrem. We have 5 kits to give away. The kit has everything you need to get growing, including seeds, gloves and gardening tools in a drawstring bag and a small pot of Sudocrem to soothe skin after a long day in the garden.

So to summarise:-

•Grow a Mustard or Cress Head
•Give him or her a name
•Take a picture of your Mustard/Cress Head when it has ‘hair’ and post it to post or PM your picture to our Facebook page or Instagram with #MyMustardCressHead or email it to Joanne at by Sunday 14th June 2020. UK entries only please.
•Please post the picture by noon on Sunday 28th June. 
•Share this post so your friends can get involved!

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