Post: It’s March


It’s March and here are some things you can be doing with the kids in the garden this month:-
– Prepare the ground for crops by digging in compost and well rotted manure. Add fertiliser where you will be growing chard and potatoes;
– soil temperatures need to be at 7 degrees celsius for germination. Check your soil temperature before sowing anything. If it’s too cold wait until April for early sowings;
– Sow early carrots and peas, lettuce and radish outdoors if soil temperature is high enough;
– Lettuce, peas and leeks can also be sown in pots indoors;
– Plant early potatoes, onion and shallots sets;
– Protect outdoor sowings and early potatoes from frost for a month or two using fleece or cloches;
– Support young peas plants as they start to grow with twiggy sticks or netting;
– Harvest the last overwintered crops – chard, leeks, winter radishes and salad leaves.

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