Terms and Conditions

1. Booking
The classes at Ben Reid are £4 per child per class for children attending these sessions. They can booked on a pay as you go basis.
The classes at Hoodles Playbarn, Oldmeldrum require a minimum booking of six sessions which must be paid for in advance. Each class costs £7 per child. Please complete a booking form and send it to Gardening4Kids with full payment of fees for six sessions due prior to the first Gardening4Kids class you wish to attend. Fees are not refundable. There is a discount available of 20% for 2 siblings attending the same Gardening4Kids classes. This means that the minimum booking fee for 2 children from the same family attending is £67.20.
If your child is due to take up a nursery place or is starting school in the
next 6 months then alternative arrangements can be made around
the minimum booking period. Please contact Joanne for further details.
On receipt of your completed booking form and full payment Gardening4Kids will confirm your booking and acknowledge receipt of your payment either via email or post.
Please complete this form and return to Joanne Evans at the address below or via email to info@gerberadesigns.co.uk before the first class you wish to attend to secure your child’s place.
On receipt of your completed booking form Gardening4Kids will confirm your booking and acknowledge receipt of your payment either via email or post.
2. Data protection
Gardening4Kids will keep your information in accordance with the Data Protection Act (1988). It will only be used for the purposes of Gardening4Kids. No other company or organisation will be given your personal details.
3. Cancellations
Gardening4Kids reserves the right to alter or cancel classes as weather or other operational considerations dictate. In the case of cancellation of a class by Gardening4Kids, participants can either receive a refund of the fees for that class or choose to come to a class at another venue in that themed month.
4. Safety
Parents and carers are important to Gardening4Kids sessions being successful. Therefore in making a booking you agree help your child in the session activities.
Gardening4Kids will take all reasonable steps to ensure that you and your child can explore the theme of each class safely. Gardening4Kids will have carried out a full risk assessment for each themed session, whether it is indoors or outdoors. You should ensure that your child participates only if they feel safe to do so. Gardening4Kids will encourage each child to take part in the activities at their own level.
You, however, will remain responsible for your child during each Gardening4Kids class. In making a booking for a Gardening4Kids session, you acknowledge the risks associated with these types of activities and agree to keep your child safe during each class.
5. Equipment
Gardening4Kids will provide all necessary and appropriate equipment for each activity. Gardening4Kids does not accept responsibility for you or your child’s property.
6. Clothing
Gardening4Kids classes will predominantly take place indoors. Appropriate clothing for gardening is required by attendees at all classes. Children’s gardening gloves and aprons will be provided by Gardening4Kids. There may be some occasions when activities take place outdoors. You will be advised of outdoor sessions in advance and on these occasions you must ensure you and your child are dressed in appropriate waterproofs, footwear, hats and sunscreen.
7. Health and wellbeing
You must tell Gardening4Kids of any illnesses, allergies, disabilities or social problems that your child has or has recently had that may affect your child or other children during Gardening4Kids classes. This information will be treated in the strictest confidence.
8. Behaviour
You must make sure your child behaves in a respectful manner to other attendees and the session leader.
9. Photography
Unless you advise Gardening4Kids in advance that you do not want your child to appear in any images, photographs of Gardening4Kids classes taken by Gardening4Kids may be used by Gardening4Kids for promotional material and website content.
10. Complaints
Please contact Gardening4Kids as soon as possible to discuss any complaint you may have. E: info@gerberadesigns.co.uk, Mob: 07961 907662.

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